Wholesale Kid & Children Clothing Distributors in Los Angeles, Best 10 Wholesalers in 2023

The wholesale kid’s clothing industry has grown in recent years. However, with so many wholesalers to choose from, selecting the best wholesale clothing supplier for your boutique is becoming more difficult.

When starting in the children’s fashion industry, one of the most pressing concerns is locating a high-quality, affordable, and dependable wholesale clothing supplier capable of providing your company with the most recent trends, styles, and designs for babies, boys, and girls. And this is not a simple task!

How do you choose the right supplier?

Having the right wholesale children’s clothing suppliers is critical to the success of your company. Choosing the right ones will assist you in running your business smoothly and reliably. But if you make the wrong choice, you’ll be living your worst nightmare.

Consider your suppliers to be your partners in this exciting venture. And you want partners in whom you can put your trust. So you’ll need to do a lot of research. Conduct extensive research. It won’t be easy, but finding dependable and trustworthy children’s clothing suppliers is critical.

Every clothing manufacturer and supplier has its distinct style. Does the style of their clothing reflect the personality of your brand? Their designs reflect their vision of fashion to fill a specific market niche. So, look for ones that complement the style of your company.

Read on to learn more about some of the best wholesale kid apparel brands on our list!

1. S SISTER Apparel

S-SISTER – www.ssisterusa.com

S SISTER Apparel is one of the top clothing brands for kids and mother (women’s) wear. Based in Los Angeles, the brand is a top design manufacturer and distributor that understands fast-moving fashion trends and the needs of retailers based on their region and customer profiles. With significant experience in the industry, S SISTER specializes in wholesale boy’s and girl’s clothing in a variety of styles, including tops, dresses, bottoms, jumpsuits, rompers, outerwear, and more.

2. 12 pm by Mon Ami

12 pm By Mon Ami – www.12pmbymonami.com

Located in Los Angeles, 12 pm by Mon Ami is a dedicated wholesale kid’s clothing manufacturer. They emphasize more on local production to surpass the reputations of other great countries known for their garment craftsmanship.
12 pm by Mon Ami aims to create a one-of-a-kind mix of fashion products that reflect people’s style when worn, as well as styles that fuel their passion. The brand aims to instill a sense of pride in its customers as they dance through life.

3. Hayden

Hayden – ws.haydenla.com

With over 20 years of experience working in the Fashion Textile Industry and inspired by the birth of her first granddaughter Hayden, founder Hailee started Hayden Los Angeles and Hayden Girls. It is a pair of family-run inclusive clothing brands created in Los Angeles for women and tween girls of all sizes who enjoy fun, feminine, casual, and boho style.
Hayden Los Angeles and Hayden Girls are designed for and made by women to celebrate every tween girl and the woman she will become. Their one-of-a-kind Casual to Boho in-house designs transcends passing fashion trends, making them effortlessly timeless for all women.


GTOG – https://www.fashiongo.net/gtog

GTOG is another kid’s apparel brand, known for its high quality in terms of manufacturing as well as supply. They can help customers find a look that fits their style by reacting quickly to the latest trends and interpreting them in a way that is wearable for retail customers. So, whether they’re looking for the latest trends or simply comfortable home wear, GTOG has it all!

5. Cutie Patootie Clothing

Cutie Patootie Clothing – www.cutiepatootieclothing.com

Cutie Patootie Clothing, Inc. is a wholesale children’s clothing company that was founded in 1990 and has a well-known Cutie Patootie registered trademark. They strive to make children’s clothing that is fun, fashionable, and colorful. They have a large selection of wholesale clothing and accessories for boys and girls aged 2 to 14. Their products can be found in a variety of catalogs, boutiques, and department stores.

6. Good Girl

Good Girl – www.goodgirlworld.com

Good Girl has over 20 years of experience manufacturing girl’s dresses. Their products are innovatively designed, and production is meticulously monitored. Good Girl ensures the highest quality of our lines by producing and supervising their products at their Southern California manufacturing sites.

The brand is known to serve businesses both locally and globally. They currently sell their dress lines to local businesses as well as to customers in North and South America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, Africa, and other parts of the world.

7. Oopsie Daisy & Adorable Sweetness

Oopsie Daisy – www.oopsiedaisy.com/pages/wholesale

These are two sister brands representing online girl’s boutique ‘like no other’, according to founder Heidi. With a background in IT, Heidi bought the name and opened an online Oopsie Daisy girl’s boutique store. She also opened up her clothing brand which was named Adorable Sweetness.

She wished to share her passion for girls’ clothing in an all-in-one boutique that had the full package! Heidi has 7 years of experience and aims to maintain the quality of her brand and transform it into a fierce competitor in the apparel industry.

8. Bonnie Bianca

Bonnie Bianca – www.bonniebianca.com

Designed with self-assured, fashion-forward women in mind. Bonnie Bianca Clothing is a wholesale clothing company that caters to girls who want to dress to impress! Bonnie Bianca is a children’s clothing manufacturer in Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to provide one-of-a-kind styles for young, tween girls to develop their own fashion identities and show off their confidence.

9. Kids by Kissed Apparel

Kids by Kissed Apparel – www.fashiongo.net/kidsbykissedapparel

Kissed Apparel’s Kids is a graphic tee clothing line designed specifically for today’s youth. Experienced designers who specialize in creating trendy designs for each season create their designs. Kissed Apparel, their parent company, is a family-owned business that specializes in high-quality women’s graphic and statement apparel.

10. Kids Charm Online

Kids Charm Online – www.kidscharmonline.com

KIDSCHARM is an import and wholesale company that sells women’s and children’s clothing. They are located on Harry Hines Blvd in Dallas, Texas, and offer a variety of options in the latest women’s fashion trends and children’s clothing, as well as hair accessories and seasonal items.

Their women’s clothing styles range from contemporary classics to bold modern favorites, with a little southern flair thrown in for good measure. They also specialize in trendy children’s styles that come in a variety of sizes.

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