Wholesale Denim Jeans Women’s clothing apparel Distributors in Los Angeles, Best 10 Wholesalers in 2023

The fashion and apparel industry constantly brings in new styles, and they all tend to change over time. The same can’t be said for jeans. Jeans have been around for a long time – over a century to be exact – and they have never gone out of style. In fact, they have been growing even more in popularity and now come in various fits and styles!

If you are running a new women’s denim and apparel business, you should consider sourcing your pieces from a denim and jeans wholesaler. Why? Wholesalers usually supply products in bulk quantities at a more discounted price. Businesses and retailers buying from wholesalers can then generate profit by selling those products at a slightly higher price to their customers.

The wholesale women’s denim apparel and clothing industry has seen a lot of growth in recent years. However, with so many wholesale women’s denim jean clothing distributors to choose from, selecting the best wholesale women’s denim clothing seller for your flagship store is a challenging task.

But We Have Good News For You!

To help you out, we have listed below our top picks for the best brands for wholesale jeans. Our list includes everything from the best fashionable wholesale women’s denim apparel brands to pocket-friendly jeans brands and anything in both, from iconic global brands to the latest on the denim block.

1. Insane Gene

Insane Gene – www.insanegeneusa.com

Insane Gene is a reliable wholesale brand that sells premium quality denim apparel. They have world-class designers and manufactures denim apparel with rigid materials. Whether you want a perfect pair of jeans, denim jacket, shorts, or skirts, you will find everything here at a reasonable price.

2. Vibrant M.I.U

Vibrant M.I.U – www.wholesale.vibrantmiu.com

Established in 2012 in Los Angeles, California, Vibrant M.I.U is one of the leading wholesale women’s denim apparel providers in the US today. The brand is known for its timeless denim jeans and apparel to fit every body type so you can reach a wider client base. You can provide your customers with articles that can help them look cool, trendy, and fashionable.

Vibrant MIU claims they use the latest stretch technology, including Tencel, Model, and Lycra (T400), to provide their clients with ultra-comfort products. You can shop from their wholesale denim section, which includes a variety of jeans; straight fit, wide cut, baggy fit jeans, boot cut jeans, to name a few. However, they require you to submit a seller’s permit to create a new wholesale customer account on their website.

3. Denim Zone

Denim Zone – www.denimzoneusa.com

Denim Zone USA is an up-and-emerging wholesale manufacturer of women’s denim jeans in Los Angeles, California. They supply their clients with “stretchy, durable and fashion-forward jeans” for retailing and personal use. Their wholesale fashion denim clothing and jeans products range from straight cut, boot cut, and flare jeans to wide-legged jeans, ripped jeans, and bell-bottom jeans; you can easily source the right jeans for your retail shop! They also offer jeans in “plus-size” to cater to a broader audience.
They are dedicated to providing retailers with high-quality wholesale jeans at an affordable rate and a wide array of styles for you to choose from.


Enjean – www.enjean.com

ENJEAN Wholesale Denim and Jean, from its inception in 2015, has been providing its clients with the latest in wholesale denim trends and styles. You can upgrade your business with the latest trends in fashion by shopping from their wholesale women’s denim jeans collection. They provide products that not only promise comfort and quality but also help clients stay in style.

Their wholesale clothing products include skinny, straight fit, boot cut and flare, high-rise, and mid-rise jeans. They also have a dedicated plus-size section to offer unique styles fit for plus-size individuals. You can choose from a wide variety of jeans on their site to stock up on for your business.

5. Nature Denim

Nature Denimwww.naturedenim.com

Nature Denim is a wholesale women’s denim apparel provider with its headquarter in Los Angeles, California. The wholesale clothing company claims to bring focus on clients’ unique lifestyles by bringing in products that deliver comfort, aesthetics, and quality in one. With Nature Denim, you can get access to high-quality denim products that fit all body types and come in a variety of options for your retail shop.

The products include skinny jeans, wide-leg jeans, mom jeans, straight jeans, boot cut/flare/bell-bottom jeans, and high-rise, mid-rise, and low rise varieties. You can also purchase denim shorts, skirts, and tops to go with your new denim wear sections.

6. O2 Denim

O2 Denim – www.o2denim.com

Born in Hollywood, this brand is designed to help keep its users in style with comfortable, functional, and trendy denim. O2 Denim wholesale women’s denim jean clothing provides its clients with high-quality denim products, including jeans, tops, jackets, bottoms, and dresses at an affordable cost.
The wholesale fashion denim clothing brand offers flared jeans, wide-legged jeans, and skinny jeans on their online eCommerce website. With their styles, you can easily find the right denim jeans for you that fit your business.


UNIQ – www.uniqusa.net/#/ms-7/2

UNIQ is one of the fastest-growing wholesale designers, manufacturers, and distributors of women’s clothing and apparel. It provides its clients with wholesale high-quality, unique, edgy, and chic designs at an incredibly reasonable price. Their products range from denim jeans to tops and dresses, aiming to cater to customers from low-end retail shops to high-end boutiques.

Their wholesale products include skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, flare jeans, straight-cut jeans, to name a few. To access their full catalog of wholesale products, you need to fill in the wholesaler form available on their website.

8. Risen Jeans

Risen Jeans – www.risenjeans.com

Risen Jeans from Los Angeles, California, has now become one of the top global wholesale women’s denim jean clothing suppliers. They offer a wide array of products on their website, so you can find the jeans to add to your retail shop catalog, fit for any occasion. Their wholesale products are created to provide comfort and quality at the lowest pricing.
Their products include skinny jeans, flare, and wide jeans, straight jeans, and mom-fit jeans; wholesale buyers can look up their website and find the right pair of jeans to purchase. To create a wholesale buyer account, you will need to provide them with a valid business license and tax ID number as proof that you have a retail business in the fashion industry.

9. Judy Blue

Judy Blue – www.judybluewholesale.com

The final on our list for top wholesale women’s denim brands is Judy Blue Jeans. They were first established in 1999, and since then, have become one of the leading wholesale jeans suppliers today. They provide wholesale jeans that are not only stylish but also offer comfort and quality.

Their size ranges are highly inclusive, and they offer several products on wholesale, i.e., skinny jeans, boot cut jeans, flared jeans, straight jeans, slim jeans, and even maternity jeans.

Judy Blue is a bit tight on regulations and only offers services to experienced vendors. To open an account, you will have to submit at least two recent invoices from wholesale vendors from which you purchased items.

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