Top 10 Wholesale Wedding Dress Brands USA in 2023

Wholesale wedding dresses are wedding dresses that you purchase from manufacturers in bulk and sell to retailers or other wholesalers. The wholesale wedding dress business is immensely profitable due to the fact that people from all over the world love to wear luxurious and elegant clothes to weddings and proms.

However, if you are considering doing whole wedding dresses or wholesale prom dresses business, you must choose the right wholesale dealers from where you can buy the dresses.

Choosing the right wholesalers would allow you to buy some of the best wholesale bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, and prom dresses at affordable rates. Therefore, this would help you to earn a hefty profit.

Top 7 wholesale brands to buy an elegant wedding dress

Several wholesale brands offer top-notch wedding dresses at wholesale. However, the top 7 most popular ones are specified below.

1. Ladivine (Formerly Cinderella Divine)

Ladivine (Formerly Cinderella Divine) –

Ladivine (Formerly Cinderella Divine) is USA-based manufacture & wholesaler that delivers wholesale wedding dresses, wholesale formal dresses, wholesale bridesmaid dresses, and wholesale prom dresses designed according to the prevailing industry trends. The brand started back in 2006 and has provided products to over 10,000 boutiques worldwide, with its distribution center currently located in Los Angeles, California.

The company became a renowned brand thanks to its modern designs of prom, wedding, and party dresses. It constantly upgrades its inventory bringing in more contemporary designs that rightly match each coming season. Their wholesale bridesmaid dresses include everything from simple classic outfits, glitter glam wholesale prom dresses, and wholesale wedding dresses. Also, the company is known for its high-quality fabric and prices that come within your budget.

2. Andrea & Leo

Andrea & Leo –

The mannequins at your retail store and boutique need premium & better line wholesale wedding dresses, wholesale formal dresses, wholesale bridesmaid dresses, and wholesale prom dresses having intricate designs with embroidery, embellishment, flares, and falls. That is precisely what Andrea & Leo prom dresses wholesale manufacturers bring to the table. Their prom gowns are beautiful, feminine, and come sunder affordable luxury. The brand manufactures party wear, cocktails, and wedding dresses that can help you reach a broader market base.
Andrea & Leo dresses are popular among celebrities and influencers. Their wholesale bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses are romantic dresses combining whimsical embellishment with soft silhouettes. With their primary outlet located in California, you can register as a wholesaler to initiate contact with the company.

3. Wona Concept

Wona Concept –

If you are looking for some of the most mesmerizing and awe-inspiring wedding dresses, you should consider Wona Concept. Wona Concept is a Ukrainian wholesale wedding dress business. It offers its customers wholesale wedding dresses, wholesale prom dresses, and wholesale bridesmaid dresses.

All the dresses are tailored to provide the ultimate level of satisfaction. Wona Concept has some of the most sophisticated and hypnotic gowns that would make you feel like a queen and make you the center of attention when you would wear them.

All the designs are unique, and the embroidery is just spectacular. The wholesale wedding dresses from Wona Concept are versatile and unique, which you can wear on multiple occasions.

Woman concept has also been featured in: Vogue, Bridal Musings, Brides, Wedding Inspirasi, Wedding Chicks, Refinery29

4. Watters

Watters –

Watters is another one of the luxurious brands, which have some of the enthralling wedding dresses, including bridesmaid dresses. Watters have a vast collection of wedding dresses, and each is unique and diverse from another.

Watters also has some of the most fascinating wedding gowns and elopement dresses that are personalized to meet your style. Whether it is a backyard wedding, destination wedding, beach wedding, boho chic wedding, or just a simple one, Watters enormous collection has got you covered.
Watters’ WTOO collection has some of the most mesmerizing bride dresses that reflect the diligence and state-of-the-art embroidery.

5. Allure Bridals

Allure Bridals –

Allure Bridals, as the name suggests is one of the biggest names in the wholesale fashion industry. You cannot simply go wrong when buying bride and bridesmaid dresses from Allure Bridals. Allure Bridals know that wedding is a once in a lifetime event, and how important it is for women.

Women want to look their best at their wedding, which Allure Bridals understand. It is why the brand has flawless craftsmanship that is reflected through the detailed and sophisticated embroidery.

All the wedding dresses from Allure are luxurious and made of the finest fabrics such as Satin and Lace that are comfortable. You can also get wholesale prom dresses by browsing Allure Bridals’ massive catalog.

6. Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander –

Justin Alexander is another wedding dress brand whose slogan is “Fell in Love Again”. This bold statement complies well with an impressive collection of wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. The enhanced crafting and vivid embroidery, make all Justin Alexander’s wedding dresses jaw-dropping.

In addition, they have some of the most stylish and stupendous plus-size laced gowns that are guaranteed to make brides look more bold, courageous, and independent on their wedding day. You can also buy wedding accessories and wholesale prom dresses by visiting their website.

Make sure to give them a try as brides who did, looked spectacular on their wedding day.

7. Kitty Chen

Kitty Chen –

Kitty Chen was launched in 2004, by Kitty Chen, a talented and diligent fashion designer. Kitty Chen has numerous collections of wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Some of the most famous and deluxe collections include: KITTYCHEN, KITTYCHEN COUTURE, IVOIRE by KITTY CHEN, Jessica Morgan

All the dresses of these collections are enthralling, versatile, and are tailored for different types of weddings including elopement, and destination weddings. The fabric and silhouettes integrated with the comprehensive laced embroidery of these dresses are what make them special and unique.

Thousands of customers, most of which, are now living happily ever after their marriage, recommend buying wholesale wedding dresses. And the wholesale bridesmaid dresses from Kitty Chen.

Moreover, the color combination of the wedding dresses from Kitty Chen is astonishing. The rich texture and color of the dresses speak out, which makes you look like a bride in a true manner. Make sure to check Kitty Chen by visiting their website. You can also buy exclusive wedding accessories to make your wedding outfit complete and exotic.

8. Lore

Lore –

Lore, also known as Lore Fashion is another clothing brand that specializes in bride dresses, prom dresses, and bridesmaid dresses. Lore understands the ever-changing fashion trends. It is why it has some of the best wedding and evening dresses made from deluxe and top-quality fabric, such as: 2-tone velour, Satin, Fancy lace, which provides a timeless look.

The additional details on the wedding clothes are mesmerizing and look entrancing. In addition, as Lore’s wedding dresses are crafted with the utmost diligence and luxurious fabric, they are comfortable.

Moreover, the patchwork done on Lore’s wedding dresses are lively and intrepid and has numerous patterns and designs. If you want to buy some of the best-looking wedding dresses or prom dresses at cost-effective rates, make sure to check Lore.

9. Casablanca bridal

Casablanca Bridal –

When it comes to redefining elegance through wedding clothes, Casablanca Bridal is the answer. Casablanca Bridal has some of the most intriguing wedding dresses, gowns, sashes, and veils.

The diverse beadwork merged with lacework is extraordinary that helps brides and bridesmaids to stand out at a wedding. Casablanca Bridal offers wholesale wedding dresses and wholesale prom dresses, which you can buy even if you have a specific budget. So, make sure to check them out.

The above-specified are the top 7 wholesale brands from where you can buy elegant wholesale wedding dresses and wholesale bridesmaid dresses.

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