TOP 10 Wholesale Special Occasion Dresses Brands USA IN 2024

TOP 10 Wholesale Special Occasion Dresses Brands USA IN 2024

Introduction to Top 10 Wholesale Speical Occasion Dresses Brands:

Have you ever struggled to find your dream dress at wholesale price? You might always think twice or thrice about choosing a stunning dress at a good price.

A beautiful outfit completes the look for every occasion. Finding the appropriate dress for your special event is a time-consuming task. Therefore, searching for dresses from reputable brands at wholesale is a fun procedure. Many fashion enthusiasts and retailers choose big brands for their quality, affordability, and vast range of collections.

The US wholesale special occasion dress market has greatly increased in recent years. Since merchants seek high-quality and reputable brands to meet customer demand.

Thus, partnering with prominent brands is crucial for retailers to create standout collections in a competitive industry.

We will highlight the top ten wholesale special event dress brands in 2024. We aim to introduce merchants and customers to the latest market wholesale offerings.

Find a Perfect Special Occasion Dress From These Wholesale Brands

What sets a great dress brand apart from others? It’s the focus on outstanding materials and craftsmanship. Great brands guarantee that each dress is produced with premium fabrics and precise details.

Additionally, these businesses offer various styles and patterns to suit different demands. Retailers get benefits from competitive pricing and good wholesale agreements. The customer reviews show brands’ reliability and quality standards with retailers’ and consumers’ approval.

Here are ten brands that hold good reputations for wholesale buyers.


1. Dancing Queen Dress

Dancing Queen Dress  –

In wholesale special occasion dresses, Dancing Queen Dress is the best brand. Their quality, creativity, and customer service have made them the industry leader. They are one of the best producers and wholesalers.

Dancing Queen Dress offers fashionable, high-quality dresses for multiple occasions. Such as wholesale prom dresses, homecoming dresses, quinceanera dresses, mini quinceanera dresses for kids, weddings dresses and bridesmaid dresses at affordable prices and high quality. They serve fashion-forward people globally.

Dancing Queen Dress is a trusted destination for wholesale special occasion dresses because it follows fashion trends and updates its inventory with upgraded outfits.


2. Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill –

Sherri Hill appeals to celebrities and fashionable individuals with its classic designs and superb craftsmanship. Their every dress represents today’s fashion-forward women’s style. Each dress is customized to fit the female body and wearability.

Sherri Hill’s designs have been recognized worldwide, from Miss Universe and Miss America stage appearances. Therefore, Sherri Hill redefines elegance with over 1,000 stores in 52 countries.




Designs and dresses by Jovani are luxurious with beautiful fabrics. They have expanded their dresses with embroidery and beads that feel like a perfect work of art. They redefine sophistication and style with outstanding designs that boost confidence.

Jovani represents ageless elegance and odd craftsmanship, from Hollywood red carpets to other wholesale special occasion dresses.  Celebrities and dedicated clients love Jovani’s outfits for their timeless elegance and beauty.


4. Morilee

Morilee  –

Morilee creates timeless dresses by blending classic elegance with modern trends. They offer fairy-tale bridal gowns and elegant evening dresses that inspire elegance.

Each Morilee’s outfit has innovative texture and beautifully crafted necklines. They work for delicate draping and hand-beaded accents to ensure smooth creation. Morilee’s Boutique has a selected range of gowns for wholesale purchases.


5. Ladivine

Ladivine –

The beautiful and dreamy designs of Los Angeles’ renowned evening wear brand Ladivine symbolize femininity. Ladivine dresses inspire goddess-like beauty in every wearer, from seductive lace to flowing chiffon.

Ladivine, formerly known as Cinderella Divine, is now recognized for its ambitious gowns combining modernity and sensuality. Each gown is carefully designed to capture and create a lasting impression. Ladivine creates dresses for women of all sizes, ages, and personalities to celebrate the feminine body and shine in their spotlight moments.


6. The Dress Outlet

The Dress Outlet  –

The Dress Outlet has strived to make excellent special occasion attire at wholesale. They carry several styles and colors for weddings, bridesmaids, prom, and formal occasions.

Additionally, they offer beautiful dresses for occasions with a great experience. The Dress Outlet has elegant, cheap formal dresses and designer apparel for women. It’s a great option to buy clothes at wholesale prices.


7. LA Merchandise 

LA Merchandise –

LA Merchandise is a trusted manufacturer, importer, and wholesaler of outfits. They serve women’s, men’s, and children’s clothes from Los Angeles. Moreover, their wholesale collection includes evening dresses, prom, and formal clothes.

Furthermore, they offer bridesmaid dresses, bride’s mother costumes, male, female, and child tuxedos. Their focus gives merchants confidence to buy at wholesale prices without competition.


8. GLS Collective

GLS Collective –

Gloria K.’s lifetime in the textile and fashion industries shaped GLS Collective. They are enthusiastic about quality evening dresses and occasional attire. They are on a mission to make beautiful garments using high-quality fabrics.

GLS Collective offers outfits with luxury-brand quality and attention to detail at affordable prices. They sell dresses wholesale for every life’s milestone, including quinceañeras, weddings, proms, and homecomings.


9. Nox Anabel

Nox Anabel –

Nox Anabel has been a top wholesale dress supplier to retailers internationally. They help businesses build collections to uplift confidence in modern women through wholesale dresses.

Nox Anabel exudes beauty, strength, and power in each costume. Their objective is to help women convey their tales through exquisite garments.


10. Amelia Couture

Amelia Couture –

Every garment from Amelia Couture is crafted carefully with detailing and tailoring. They bring outfits straight to your storefront with an easy experience based on quality and enthusiasm. Every dress is a masterpiece designed to make the wearer feel like royalty on their big day.

Amelia Couture allows people to experience the luxury of couture design at wholesale. They offer dresses with beauty, sophistication and a commitment to quality products.



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