Top 10 Wholesale Sexy Women’s Clothing Brands USA in 2023

The lifestyle has introduced us all to the power of fast fashion. From turtlenecks to mom-jeans, sexy dresses to jumpsuits; you never know what new clothing item is going to be this week’s hype and you are definitely going to want it to look trendy.
However, keeping up with these trends can be expensive. This is where wholesale fashion blesses your wallet and your wardrobe!

Since wholesale retailers buy products in bulk, they sell them at a cheaper rate than branded shops. So you can buy anything you desire without compromising on quality or spending over your budget.
These are some of the best and most trusted brands of wholesale women’s special occasion dress and jumpsuits clothing.

1. J.OUR


J.OUR is a California-based wholesale fashion retailer that has up-ed the fashion game! In prints and silks, it provides its customers with fierce body jumpsuits, flowy dresses, and silky, sexy dresses that complement their bodies.

Following the latest fashion trends, they ensure that wholesale fashion is something that curvy and plus-size women can enjoy as well!

So whether it is a wedding you are going to or a date night with your beau, J.OUR will keep you looking like the goddess that you are!

2. Cefian Fashion

Cefian Fashion –

Based in the heart of Los Angeles, Cefian Fashion Inc. is a distributor and manufacturer dedicated to providing their customers with the finest in women’s wholesale fashion; the best selections, quality, and pricing.

The shimmery, sheer designs are enough to glue eyes on you! Their fancy jumpsuits and sexy clothing are perfect for birthday celebrations or a night out with the girls. And if it’s basic colors that you are a fan of, Cefian won’t disappoint!

3. Privy

Privy –

Privately Privileged.
That is exactly what this brand will make you look like. Privy fused together classy and fast fashion, resulting in sexy clothes that make you look elite!

With clothes that show off your curves and radiate boss energy, you will be looking your best for special occasions, nights out, or date nights!

4. Hidden Brand

Hidden Brand –

Just because you want to dress comfortably, does not mean you shouldn’t look trendy. Hidden is a wholesale fashion brand that has a shop full of comfortable yet fashionable clothes.

Whether it is jeans, shorts, or jumpsuits; your everyday wear will make you look put-together while you run your errands or take your college classes. They also have colorful pants that will be the perfect addition to your work closet.

5. Nothing But Sexy

Nothing But Sexy –

Buying wholesale sexy dresses and clothing is the ideal way of looking like a whole snack on a budget! Nothing But Sexy is your best provider for club nights, date nights, anniversaries, weddings, and more.

The unique and glamourous dresses are designed to meet the taste and wants of every customer. The trendy clothes are not just for special occasions but for looking your best on the daily! Nothing But Sexy will keep you looking sexy all the time!

6. Tic Toc Wholesale

Tic Toc –

Tic Toc Wholesale is a brand full of surprises. Their latest fashion items will make you want to buy every one of them. But their wide range of variety will keep you questioning which one to buy first.

The brand provides wholesale women’s special occasion dresses for weddings, parties, or anniversaries. They also have everyday wear such as jumpsuits, two-piece sets, and outwear. However, their hottest selling item is swimwear. Tic Toc Wholesale won’t just help you bring the heat, it will make you look like everyone’s dream.

7. Fashion Wild Cat

Fashion Wild Cat –

Fashion Wild Cat is a major manufacturer in the fashion market, specializing in women’s junior and young modern wear, with stylish new trends.

Catering to women of all sizes, this brand brings forward special occasion dresses that will make you look beautiful and classy. No matter what season, this brand has the best items to keep you looking on top of your game. Using subtle prints and basic colors, the clothes are ideal for formal dinners, get-togethers, business meetings, and even everyday wear.

8. A3 Design

A3 Design –

A3 Designs is happy to offer the most up-to-date fashionable products on the market. They bring in high-demand products after getting inspiration from their customers.

They mostly specialize in ‘Women’s Junior Line Clothing’, with some ‘Young Contemporary Line’ thrown in for good measure. Their style approach is built on sexy, chic, and hot nightwear, as well as a variety of options such as casual, cute, luxury, modern, basic, and urban.

Wholesale sexy dresses and jumpsuits never looked this good! With no compromise on quality and affordable pricing, A3 Designs aim to ensure customer satisfaction.

9. 5th Culture

5th Culture –

5th Culture is the best-rated wholesale fashion website, with the best collection of wholesale women’s clothing, including wholesale special occasion dresses, wholesale jumpsuits clothing, and as well as plus size clothing.

They not only bring the most popular fashion clothing to their customers, but they predict fashion trends. This helps them provide their customers with in-style, hot-selling clothes and designer collections, at reasonable rates.

Their plus-size collection is a hot-seller, making curvy women feel like the goddesses that they are. Their wide collection is full of prints and designs that enhance the beauty that women withhold.

With plenty of wholesale women’s clothing available in the market, it is always best to find a brand that fits your needs, your fashion sense, and your taste. So you can look your best every day!

10. Hera Collection

Hera Collection –

With a lot more to offer than just the dresses and tops with bottoms, it is a great choice among the best brands for sexy clothing. Hera Collection specializes in all sorts of jumpsuits, rompers, outwears, and more.

11. Ktoo

Ktoo –

Ktoo understands what women need in this era and provides the right range of products. From tops to bottoms and including the full-body dresses, everything you hear comes in a chic and sexy feel.

12. Codigo

Codigo –

Business is all about saving money, and with this wholesale sexy dresses brand, you can be saving up to 90%. Not only does it come with great savings, but the quality of dresses here will be great as well. Moreover, you won’t be missing out on anything as it covers a complete range of women’s clothing products.

13. Banjul

Banjul –

With no restrictions on the number of clothes to buy and every product being sexier than the previous one, you need to take a look at this brand. It brings a lot of value to you because it provides free ground shipping. As a brand, Banjul provides an amazing range of clothes ranging from tops and bottoms to full body suits of all kinds.

Knowing that you are buying the right product for your business brings peace of mind. When you select the right brand for your boutique, you are adding a lot of value to your business as customers will start recognizing your business as a reliable and credible one. While finding the right wholesale products can be a hard thing, the ones we unveiled will be your best choice.

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