Top 10 Wholesale Prom Dress Brands USA in 2023

The fashion industry for women is like a honeycomb maze. The more you dive in, the more you will realize just how many varieties prevail in the fashion world, offering women a range of options to make their appearance a buzzing sensation in any event they might attend.

Ball gowns, off-shoulder dresses, fit and flare, trumpet skirts, Mermaid dresses are only a few top choices preferred by young girls wanting to shine at their high school balls, formal dinners, and international galas. Young ladies are always on the lookout for exquisite prom dresses that make them stand out among the crowd.
This puts more pressure on you as a prom dress retailer to expand your prom dress collection to get the attention of every woman in town! The market is massive for prom dresses, but to earn a reasonable profit, you need to invest in wholesale prom dresses.

Why Get Wholesale Prom Dresses From Wholesaler?

Getting wholesale prom dresses gives you a bunch of benefits such as:

  • Low buying pricing.
  • Generating a handsome earning.
  • Getting dresses from multiple distributors brings more variety and trendy designs to your outlet.
  • Prom outfits can also be sold as party dresses, ball gowns, bridesmaid dresses and are even perfect for formal evening parties and club events.

Dealing in wholesale prom dresses looks like a deal-breaking investment. Still, before you crack a deal with the distributor, different factors must be paid attention to, such as the fabric quality, current fashion trends, and more.

To make it easier for you, we have gathered a list of top wholesale bridesmaid and wholesale prom dresses brands that can be your reliable source for getting the most in-fashion prom dresses for your clothing outlet.

1. Ladivine (Formerly Cinderella Divine)

Ladivine (Formerly Cinderella Divine) –

Ladivine (Formerly Cinderella Divine) is a USA-based wholesaler that delivers prom gowns designed according to the prevailing industry trends. The brand started back in 2006 and has provided products to over 5000 boutiques worldwide, with its distribution center currently located in Los Angeles, California.

The company became a renowned brand thanks to its modern designs of prom and party dresses. It constantly upgrades its inventory bringing in more contemporary designs that rightly match each coming season. Their wholesale bridesmaid dresses include everything from simple classic outfits, glitter glam prom dresses, and short skirts. Also, the company is known for its high-quality fabric and prices that come within your budget.

2. Andrea & Leo

Andrea & Leo –

The mannequins at your retail outlet need prom dresses having intricate designs with embroidery, embellishment, flares, and falls. That is precisely what Andrea & Leo prom dresses wholesale manufacturers bring to the table. Their prom gowns are beautiful, feminine, and come sunder affordable luxury. The brand manufactures party wear, cocktails, and wedding dresses that can help you reach a broader market base.
Andrea & Leo dresses are popular among celebrities and influencers. Their wholesale bridesmaid dresses and prom dresses are romantic dresses combining whimsical embellishment with soft silhouettes. With their primary outlet located in California, you can register as a wholesaler to initiate contact with the company.

3. Portia And Scarlet

Portia & Scarlet –

Portia & Scarlet is a luxury fashion house in Sydney, Australia, and has factories and warehouses in the 10 key countries. Being a retailer, your outlet needs to be racked up with all modern, classic, prom, evening dresses, and bridal couture outfits. Portia & Scarlet has a wide variety that will bring a boost to your local retail store.
Advertising and promotion is a significant benefit that you get working with this brand. Portia & Scarlet is incredibly famous on all social media accounts and uses its retailers’ store logo in its marketing efforts. They also backlink your store location on their ads leading more customers to shop at your retail store. All you need is to register an account to look at the multiple categories they offer and get started.

4. Sherri Hill

Sherri Hill –

Sherri Hill is a fashion-forward brand with dresses worn by Miss Universe and Miss USA contestants. With its headquarters in Austin, Texas, the company services over 1,000 stores in over 52 countries. The brand offers sleek prom and bridesmaid wholesale dresses that are all about fit and modern women.
The brand brings fresh designs every season, including vibrant dresses for spring, metallic dresses, dual-tone outfits, and one-shoulder silhouettes with a complete collection of Retro-inspired fashion. By collaborating with Sherri Hills, you can get prom wholesale dresses perfect for winter parties, dresses that look vibrant in spring, short skirts, and mermaid-style gowns that are ideal for evening or wedding events.

5. Jovani

Jovani –

Jovani Fashions was founded in 1980 to enable women to look stylish by wearing perfectly trimmed and tailored evening dresses. The small business quickly became a brand that sells dresses for proms, cocktail parties, bridal dresses, silhouettes, and pageant dresses that could transfer any woman into an absolute beauty.

With over 2000 stores worldwide, the company also welcomes retailers to get their signature designs to reach women worldwide. You are looking for prom dress wholesalers or wholesale bridesmaid dresses, Jovani is one of the best options.

6. La Femme

La Femme –

At La Femme, you will get designs and dresses worn by celebrities on the Red Carpet and prom dresses featured in top teen magazines. Young ladies will drool over your retail store seeing a Taylor Swift dress displayed at your local store available at an affordable price.
The primary benefit you get by working with La Femme is that you can include a whole new section of prom, evening, and party wears dresses for plus-size women.

The bridesmaid wholesale dresses brand is well known for its quality fabric. The prom wholesale dresses bring forward a vibrant and lively combination of colors in every dress they design. Moreover, their inventory is always filled with 100,000 dresses, so getting your order on time won’t be a big problem.

7. Faviana

Faviana –

Faviana is a brand mastering the art of simplicity when it comes to fashion. Their dresses are simple yet stylish and current. Their signature style lies in their homecoming dresses available in all sizes and varying colors. The best thing about the brand is that they are affordable.

You can easily sign up as a retailer and bring more power to women looking to style up with the dress that fits their taste and body curves keeping in budget. From bridesmaid to prom to evening gowns, this prom and bridesmaid dress wholesale manufacturer has them all.

8. Mori Lee

Mori Lee –

Mori Lee was founded in 1953. Although the brand is primarily known for its luxuriously hand-detailed bridal gowns, they also manufacture prom and bridesmaid dresses with superior quality material fabric and unique embroidery and embellishment.

Crystal beaded tulle gowns, sequin prom dresses, fitted dresses with sheer skirts, mermaid style, and fitted-lace dresses are some all-time trendy prom outfits that will ensure a steady customer flow in your store.

9. Rachel Allen

Rachel Allen –

Rachel Allen is all about bling and internationally distributes designer outfits for women of all sizes and shapes. Modern, fit, and embellished define Rachel Allen’s prom and evening dresses, including bridesmaid dresses and more.

The prom dress wholesale manufacturer also has a Curve collection for women who want to look beautiful in every design they wish to wear and also fashion dresses for little girls for school farewell parties.

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