Top 10 Wholesale Missy Plus Size Women’s Clothing Brands USA in 2022

Wholesale plus size missy women’s clothing has always been in top demand but has caught even more attention in the post-pandemic times. As physical and e-stores return back to their full capacity, the wholesale missy plus size clothing is topping the demand charts again.
The clothing industry is becoming increasingly competitive and to cater to the needs of customers you need to have the best wholesale fashion suppliers on board. Plus size clothing is not easy to find and finding a trustworthy supplier that can ensure a steady supply of high-quality products can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

Finding the right supplier is equally difficult for established businesses or new ones and because of all the confusing information available online, it can be outright hectic. This guide will help you find the best wholesale plus size missy dresses that are both affordable and boast stellar quality.

Choosing the Right Supplier

Your supplier is a key figure for your business and can have a make or break effect on its operations and profits. Wholesale fashion is not an easy industry to be in and you’ll want a supplier who is not afraid of trying out new designs or ideas.

In addition, the right supplier ensures your racks are not left empty and you’ve got the best wholesale missy plus size clothing on display. Suppliers are as good as partners and must always be dependable.

It can be difficult to finalize one wholesale women’s clothing supplier so we’ve done the research for you to make things easier. You don’t need to spend money on research and invest your valuable time in it.

Below is a list of the best wholesale missy plus size women`s clothing suppliers that will make your business a success story in no time. They all bring their own style cues and ideas to the table so you must choose the one that matches your brand’s story and brings those wholesale missy dresses that reflect your brand truly.

1. Shopin LA

Shopin LA –

Based out of downtown Los Angeles, Shopin LA is a trusted wholesale missy clothing supplier. Their designs are trendy and bring an attractive look that’s sure to help your customers walk into the limelight.

Shopin LA offers a huge range of products in the Wholesale Missy Plus size category including plus tops, plus blouses, plus dresses, and plus bottoms. The manufacturer is also known for their top customer service so you can trust them to be a dependable and trustworthy supplier that will put your business needs first.

2. Chris & Carol

Chris & Carol –

Chris & Carol is an excellent brand for plus-size women wear. It brings a mix of classy designs with a modern outlook that has been the talk of the town for more than 12 years now.

Chris & Carol focuses on fabric quality, longevity, and comfort; making it one of the best wholesale women’s clothing brands out there. From designing to execution, everything is done in a single facility so your supply chain is right on the top of their game should you choose to go with Chris & Carol.

3. Bom Bom


BOM BOM brings over 30 years of manufacturing and supplying experience that helps them bring the best urbane, contemporary, and trendy styles to your racks. BOMBOM equips you with unique styles that customers fall in love with instantly.
From everyday wear to classy party dresses, BOMBOM brings it all. All BOMBOM products are designed and produced in the USA.

4. Jade by Jane

Jade by Jnae –

Jade by Jane likes to think of themselves as Young, Contemporary and Youthful, and we have to agree as all their designs are excellent and bring a youthful feel and appearance.
The everyday wear designs are a treat to look at and will bring out the best in your customers. The plus-size dresses are high-quality and make Jade by Jane a worthy supplier to have.

5. Bibi

Bibi –

The BiBi line brings trendy everyday wear that is both affordable and stylish. If made in the USA is a priority them BiBi is definitely worth a look.

BiBi lineup showcases the brand’s years of experience perfectly as the designs are unique and chic for everyday use. They offer different designs including floral and animal print dresses to choose from so your bucket list of the top wholesale missy dresses will definitely meet its match here.

6. Gee Gee

Gee Gee –

With more than 15 years of manufacturing and wholesale women’s clothing experience, Gee Gee brings a unique blend of style and comfort that your customers will fall in love with immediately.

Gee Gee offers jumpsuits, tops, rompers, bottoms, and much more at an affordable price tag. In addition, they revise all their products and lineups every season bringing in more styles and design choices that will light up your product portfolio.

Gee Gee has their manufacturing facilities in Southern California and is open to serve customers both locally and internationally.

7. Olive Mauve

Olive Mauve –

Olive Mauve is a brand of contemporary style. They bring the best contemporary wholesale fashion clothing at affordable price tags. Tops, bottoms, jackets, and jumpsuits, Olive Mauve has it all.

Olive Mauve is not afraid of experimenting with new designs, something most plus-size brands keep clear of; making them an excellent supplier to have on board.

8. 7th Ray

7th Ray –

7th Ray is the junior and young contemporary line of wholesale women’s clothing that brings a young and vibrant look. While most brands make plus sizes look bland and uninteresting, 7th Ray loves to offer many different styles in plus size.

7th Ray is based in LA, CA, and boasts one of the best wholesale clothing line-ups on our list.

9. Lovely J

Lovely J –

Lovely J is an excellent brand that hates to discriminate. It brings chic and young contemporary fashion styles in all sizes. Lovely J promises the best quality at the best prices so you’ll have a range of plus-size wholesale missy clothing that your customers will fall in love with. Lovely J handles its own manufacturing and operates in Los Angeles, CA.

10. Reborn J

Reborn J –

If you’re looking for the best wholesale missy clothing, Reborn J is hard to overlook. From plus-size dresses to bottoms, Reborn J has it all. Located on S. San Julian St. Los Angeles, CA, the business has steadily grown into a giant and is catering to the needs of hundreds of retailers.

Reborn J styles vary largely and bring different styles including animal prints, tie-dye prints, and many more.

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