Top 10 Wholesale Kid & Children Clothing Brands USA in 2023

Wholesale kid clothing or wholesale kid apparel is now quite trending due to various reasons and countless benefits. The importance of wholesale kid clothing is now hyped and most parents or guardian’s lookout for the best wholesale kid apparel brands.

Wholesale kid clothing or wholesale kid apparel means buying children’s clothes at a lower price as compared to the higher market price rates. When it comes to buying wholesale kid clothing there is no gender basis. You can buy the wholesale boys and girls clothing as well.

The wholesale children clothing is considered to be better because of the growing ages of children. The young children are still in their growing phases and buying clothes from an expensive store cannot be everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, wholesale children clothing is much affordable and preferred by a lot of people. A lot of people do not know the brands that sell good wholesale boys and girls clothing.

Therefore, today we will talk more about the top wholesale kid clothing brands that you need to know.

Top wholesale kid clothing brands you need to know

There are several wholesale children clothing brands that are known to sell the best wholesale boys and girls clothing. Due to the high number of brands people often get confused to select the best and ideal wholesale children’s clothing brand.
Hence, some of the best and ideally known wholesale kid clothing brands are specifically described in detail below.



The S SISTER is a famous and one of the best wholesale kid apparel online brands. The S SISTER brand focuses majorly on the clothes for the mother and daughter duo. They have almost everything that is in fashion or is trending nowadays. They have tops, rompers, jumpsuits, and pretty much everything for the mother and daughter duo.
Therefore, if you want to twin with your children then do not forget to contact S SISTER wholesale brand via their email or by visiting their outlet in 1458 San Pedro St #L49. Los Angeles, CA 90015.

2. 12 pm By Mon Ami

12 pm By Mon Ami –

The 12 pm by Mon Ami is another top wholesale brand that sells top-quality clothing for both mother and children. They have clothes that are trendy, funky, and fun to wear. Their quality is quite a high standard that makes them the best wholesale brand out there. 12 pm by Mon Ami also has an ongoing sale.
So, if you are looking out for stores that sell good and top-notch wholesale clothing then do contact 12 pm by Mon Ami via email address or by visiting 779 E Pico Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90021.

3. Hayden

Hayden –

The Hayden is a woman-founded brand known as, Hailee lee and was inspired to open up the Hayden clothing after the birth of her granddaughter Hayden. The Hayden brand consists of high-end and boho style clothing however it does offer casual wear as well. Hence, Hayden clothing can be a good way to shop and serve cool looks at reasonable prices.
You can contact the Hayden brand via email,, or by visiting 736 E. 12th St. #A Los Angeles, CA 90021, United States.



The GTOG is among the best and trusted wholesale kid apparel clothing stores. They have every section of clothing either it is activewear, innerwear, or outerwear as well. At the GTOG you will find much better clothing as compared to the expensive clothing brands as well. The GTOG brand puts a lot of work and effort into whatever they do for the best customer satisfaction.
You can contact the GTOG brand via email, and give them a ring at 1.213.745.2667.

5. Cutie Patootie Clothing

Cutie Patootie Clothing –

The cutie Patootie clothing brand is a famous and worldwide wholesale brand for children’s clothing. They only deal in wholesale clothing and have various clothing categories. The categories include swimwear, types of denim, uniforms, accessories, more new girls’ and boys’ collection as well.
You can contact cutie Patootie clothing by their on-site customer chat system as well.

6. Good Girl

Good Girl –

The good girl wholesale brand is quite famous as well when we talk about fashionable and affordable kid’s clothing. They have mismatch trendy clothing sets, tie and dye sets for kids are also available at reasonable prices. The good girl brand also includes high-end clothes for special occasions.
You can contact the good girl brand via email at or by visiting their showroom at 1145 S. San Julian St. #201 Los Angeles CA 90015.

7. Oopsie Daisy

Oopsie Daisy –

The Oopsie Daisy is a wholesale brand that offers US$ 100 off on the first customer order. The Oopsie Daisy brand also has the best return and exchange policy that is not much common in wholesale clothing outlets. These clothes are of the best and ideal quality that are available at reasonable prices.
You can contact Oopsie Daisy by visiting their site

8. Bonnie Bianca

Bonnie Bianca –

Bonnie Bianca is designed for fashion-forward and style enthusiastic girls who want to look good and do not want to spend a lot of money on clothing. Bonnie Bianca is located in California where a lot of buyers visit the store on daily basis due to their marvelous clothing collection.
You can get good reasonable summer collection clothes by contacting them at

9. Kids by Kissed Apparel

Kids by Kissed Apparel –

Kids by kissed apparel is a graphic t-shirt wholesale clothing brand. It is a family-owned company and is particularly designed for people who want to wear trendy and yet affordable clothes. They include various types of graphic and funky-looking t-shirts.
You can contact the kids by kissed apparel via email or by giving them a call at 1.213.745.2667.

10. Kids Charm Online

Kids Charm Online –

The kids’ charm online is yet another famous wholesale brand that sells good and A-one quality clothes for children. They have clothing that is seasonal based and wholesale clothes for women are available as well. They offer free shipping on orders above $999.99.
You can contact kids charm online or via email at

11. Adorable Sweetness

Adorable Sweetness –

The adorable sweetness is another and top-rated wholesale clothing brand for kids. They offer casual clothing and fancy clothing as well. You can find perfect fits for your children for wearing to sleep and for parties as well. They offer free shipping on orders above $100.
You can contact the adorable sweetness brand by visiting their website

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