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Childhood is magical itself. The details that we remember from our childhood can follow us through our lives, even if there’s a little bit of fog there to make the memories even more magical. Our favorite dolls, favorite hockey sticks, blankets that we have dragged until they were mysteriously lost are all the important little things.

Little cute clothes that we used to wear while creating those memories are something that also contributed to creating some of our life’s most memorable moments. That’s why S-Sister, is there to wrap around a veil of coziness around your little ones and allow them to have a happy, worry-free childhood.

S-Sister, a brand that cares

S-Sister is a wholesale vendor in fashion kid & children clothing brand that has been created out of love towards children. The main idea is to make the little ones’ lives even more beautiful by creating cozy, comfortable, and attractive wholesale children’s clothing.

As nothing can surpass the happiness and gentleness in the eyes of a child, we have decided to start this brand and give the children, and their moms, a place to shop. But also a brand that also cares about them.

This young brand is guided by children’s imagination from the playground all the way to the Moon and back again. S-Sister is a small brand with big dreams. Accomplishing those dreams by taking care of the quality of our products while always keeping in mind that the impact on the environment is very important. That is why S-Sister carefully selects local materials that were used in the later designing of our collections. Being an environmentally friendly brand, they try hard to create small quantities of the wardrobe so that quantitate can be replaced by the quality and contribute to ethical production.

Wide range of comfortable clothing

If you have been looking for a brand of junior and kid’s wholesale boys and girls clothing and moms’ clothing too, you can stop looking now, as S-Siter is a brand that will have your back. You will have the ability to choose from dozens of models from our affordable collection.

Comfortable pieces and bold colors are a crucial part of S-Sister’s collections, as childhood is too short to be treated as boring. The freedom of color is like a child’s play, while the diversity stimulates their senses and imagination and makes their childhood magical. All of the models from S-Sister collections celebrate free movement and the feeling of comfort.
S-Sister’s collection is a mixture of imagination and complete softness, wowed from the highest quality organic cotton, intended for parents who don’t make compromises when it comes to their children. In addition to that, flawlessly minimalist designs are there to direct children to what’s really important from the beginning of their lives. In addition to cotton apparel, you will also be able to find dozens of dresses, bottoms, jumpsuits and rompers, and tops for your kids.

With S-Sister’s apparel, your kids will be looking like little rock stars, ready to conquer the world!

Clothes that will accompany a child’s life

Say no to itchy seams or too narrow cuts!

Children’s comfort is the thing that comes first. We take particular care in designing and manufacturing each of the items from our collections so that they are perfectly adapted to the morphology of the little ones. S-Sister makes sure that our clothing is soft, made out of carefully selected materials, and that it perfectly suits the kids.
Knowing that kids run, jump, and play in their everyday outfits, S-Sister loves to point out the importance of solidity. Their clothes are specially made to last for a long, long time and hold throughout all of the challenges the little ones may put it through.

S-Sister’s core values

S-Sister is a brand that expresses itself with unusual, special designs that can amuse the creative minds of little children. On top of that, they focus on providing the moms with just as good clothes to match their children.

Mommy & Me is a slogan that’s a part of S-Sister’s latest collection that consists of matching sets that both kid and the mommy will be able to wear!
S-Sister enjoys traveling from one universe to another and therefore bringing the children’s dreams to life. A mix of detail-oriented, colorful designs will allow the little ones to express themselves through their fashion apparel. S-Sister team is there to create cozy designs that will motivate the child to enjoy their childhood while it lasts. On the other hand, mommies will be able to enjoy watching their little kids grow up while looking super cute!

All in all, a relationship between a mom and a child is super important to us. S-Sister has created the Mommy & Me section to allow the moms and kids to become even closer to having a common thing that will allow them to enjoy themselves. S-Sister is there to value diversity and to make the children and the parents look and feel great!

A brand that won’t disappoint

In a word, you will be able to find everything your child needs here, at our store. Whether you are shopping for yourself or your kids, S-Sister will be there to provide you with high-quality apparel specially designed to fit your little ones perfectly.

S-Sister will nurture both nature, the planet, and humanity. They will try their best to produce children’s clothes from environmentally friendly materials that won’t pollute and will help contribute to the creation of a better world for the little ones.

S-Sister is eager to fight for our dreams of a better future and will do their best to make those dreams come true.

After all, children are the beauty of this world, and they deserve all of the happiness.

S-SISTER – www.ssisterusa.com
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Wonderful! Excellent Customer Service.

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Fast shipping beautiful clothes LOVE!

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Loved the items we ordered!

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Great customer service and very fast shipping

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Sent Items Thru Wrong Carrier But Totally Fine Customer Understood Cost Difference.

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I will continue to be a loyal customer. The quality is fantastic and ships to me quickly.

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Great products and Great prices!

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First time ordering shipping was very fast and reasonable

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