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OrangeShine – Your go-to Wholesale Clothing Marketplace

Meet OrangeShine – your next favorite wholesale fashion marketplace

OrangeShine is a wholesale marketplace intended for wholesale clients that sell clothes for kids, men, and women who love to follow the latest world fashion trends.

We are characterized by a high level of professionalism and outstanding product quality, which has been evidenced by the long-term success and satisfaction with our clients. In order to respond in the best and most professional way to the trust of our partners and clients, we regularly update our clothing collections. In other words, you will be able to find only the latest and trendy clothing apparel in our e-store.

Our wholesale vendors e-commerce store offers a wide range of clothing for kids, women, and men, but also accessories and beauty products. All of which can be found in one of your online stores if you decide to become our client.

In addition to that, we offer assistance in estimating the price of materials and website management. Our wholesale order management system is super simple, and there’s no doubt that it will suit your needs. If you are interested in getting more information about our brand or our way of doing business, feel free to send us a message! One of our team experts would be happy to answer all of your questions and requests!

As a growing brand, we focus on creating a difference in the world. We tend to make the lives of our customers easy by offering them high-quality wholesale clothing apparel. Therefore, we will never stop on our way to becoming, even more, better at what we do!

Join us on our journey, and let’s grow together!

The perfect online shopping experience

Our models are characterized by modern designs, quality materials, workmanship, and affordable prices. Here, at our shop, you will be able to find clothing but also accessories such as scarves, hats, gloves, jewelry, and bags that will complete your look.

The models from our wholesale collections are comfortable enough to be worn all day long and on different occasions. With just a quick click of a button, you will be able to access our full online collection and shop wherever you are and whenever you want. There, you will be able to find wholesale tops, wholesale dresses, lots of clothing for males, kids, and generally all kinds of wholesale fashion apparel!

We want to offer reliable designs that inspire and make our customers feel great. We celebrate people of all shapes and sizes, and our simple apparel follows the needs of any modern person.

Children are the world’s gift

Here at OrangeShine, we believe that it is important to enable children to be children, which we incorporate into the design of clothes for our little ones. Our way of thinking is to always look at the world with playful, curious, and creative eyes.

It’s all about the freedom of expression and the ability to be who you are no matter what. That’s our motto!

We know that the little ones tend to be playful and dirty, and that’s why our special kids collections are perfectly designed to fulfill all of the needs of a modern child.

Your go-to wholesale fashion distributor

Are you an owner of a fashion boutique or an e-commerce store? Are you looking for high-quality clothing pieces to complete your store’s space? Well, OrangeShine’s newest collections are available for wholesale purchases. And we might be just the perfect fit for your store!

Fill your boutique with the OrangeShine clothing pieces and bring your sales up to a whole another level. Our collections are specially made to include a “total look” or a head-to-toe complete outfit. This means that, in our apparel, you can find everything you need for a complete clothing combination.

Since the quality we provide to our customers is the most important thing to us, the materials which we use in production have a natural origin and enviable quality. See for yourself, order today, and let us become your wholesale partners!

Our vision

Even though our popularity and reputation as exclusive distributors of wholesale fashion apparel keeps growing, we do not plan to stop there. We want the name of our company – OrangeShine, to become synonymous with quality not only in the region but also beyond!

Our customers are urban people with style, who know exactly what they want and are not afraid to show it. The products from our wholesale apparel exude quality, boldness, and innovation. When you wear our clothes, you send a message to the world that you are both confident, relaxed, comfortable, and that you know exactly what you want!

Customer relationship

The key to our company’s success lies in nurturing customer relationships, recognizing and understanding their needs, and finding ways to experience new and rare moments with our clients and our apparel.

Consistent with our vision, we strive to offer our OrangeShine clients much more than just good wholesale apparel, but also tend to reward them for consistency and loyalty! We offer full customer service accommodation for all of our clients and buyers as well as services regarding processing orders. You have nothing to stress about. We will do the whole job, send orders, package them and more!

Why choose us as your wholesale marketplace?

  • We offer quick responses

You will receive a response to each and all of your orders as soon as possible. We are here to save the time and money of our wholesale marketplace buyers.

  • We offer express delivery

All order items will arrive at the stated addresses as soon as possible. On top of that, we offer thoroughly detailed responses regarding the questions about our clothing apparel.

  • Guaranteed quality

All of our products are made out of the highest quality and durable materials.

Visit our website and choose something that will bring you joy and make you and your customers feel, and look special!

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